Explanations of Unexplainable Things

I believe, that too many people in our countries do drugs. Too many people put faith in things that have not been proven. They hallucinate, or fabricate stories to fit together just so they can be on T.V. People are full of crap. They often do not know something, but they talk about it as if they know all there is to know on the subject. Everyone believes they are right until proven otherwise, or even when they are proven wrong, they still believe they are right, and the other person is wrong. People know what they know, but most of what people know is wrong.

I believe that anything unexplainable just means that we cannot explain it yet. Eventually the truth gets messed up enough that even the smartest person can only tell half truths and complete bs.

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Apr 7th – Equality Unit

Equality is just that: being equal. It is when no one thinks lesser of a person for their clothing, mannerisms, hair, etes, race, etc. It is nearly non-existant in this world. Some people think it is everywhere, and they may be right, some people do believe in equality, I do, but it doesn’t exist in most parts of the world. There it is merely a pretense, or an open mockery of the word. I, am not entirely certain anyone has ever had a mind clear of incriminating thoughts, I know mine hasn’t. But it is one thing to think certain things of people, but quite another to speak it, and yet worse to suit actions to words.

Overall, my view of equality hasn’t changed. Some small points may have, but I still know what I considered equal before, I still consider right now.

Mar 31st – Themes of Of Mice and Men

The very obvious one in this book, is isolation. Everyone is isolated from everyone else, even George and Lennie. They have eachother but Lennie is alone because of his mental capabilities, and because of his size. Curley’s wife is isolated because of Curley and his attitude towards women and how she acts towards the other ranch hands. Candy is isolated because his dog id dead, he can’t work very well, and he will be useless soon. Crooks is isolated from the world, just because he’s black, and George, George is isolated because he know he had to shoot Lennie, but telling himself that isn’t going to make him fell better about killing his best friend. And that is just one theme, but there are many more in the book such as the strong caring for the weak, and a few others I can’t think of right now.


Mar 17th – Fairness and Justice in the Past

In the past, we did not have the same view of the world, justice, fairness, etc. that we do today. Back then, the death penalty was what was normal, women usually stayed at home (except during the war), and being racist towards black people was everyday life. Suffice to say, it is a very different world we live in today.

We had the death penalty in Canada, along with the fact that we were still strongly tied to Britain, so we had to go through the British government to change our constitution, and it needed many changes right after we became a country, so eventually we made it so we cold change without Britain’s approval.

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Mar 10th – Fairness and Justice in Societies

I believe it does depend on the culture, and in some cases, it is not an opinion. For example look at our view of women (they are equal to men) and look at the Arab view of women. They are not even close to being alike.

And look at our veiw of justice compared to, Cuba’s. Our justice system is considered to be innocent until proven guilty, while other cultures are guilty until proven innocent. Even compare ours to the US’s, we do not intstitute the death penalty here (not saying we shouldn’t) but in some states it is still legal. The veiw of certain races, or gender does depend on the culture, as does the view of justice.


Feb 4th – Rights and Responsibilities of Canadians

We are first and foremost, reponsible for ourselves. Everyone feels bad for people out of our country that are living in poverty, and I do too, but first we need to help our own people. We all have rights, but with those rights comes an equal responsibility.

The right to freedom of speech comes with the responsibility of knowing when to speak and when it’s smarter to keep your mouth shut. The right to peaceful gatherings comes with the right to make sure it remains peaceful. The right to vote comes with the responsibility to vote. The right to be free of persecution comes with the responsibility not to persecute. There are many other ones, from things in school, to at home, but they all have one thing in common; they all have equal responsibilities.


Pearl Harbor – Feb. 25th

Pearl Harbor was a major social conflict. It was brought about by the Japanese fear of the U.S. navy, so eventually,on December 7th, 1941, the Japanese bombed and destroyed Pearl Harbor. The names of all of the sailors who died there are engraved on tall stone pedestals. After that, the U.S. got involved in the war, and they sent off all of the Japanese people living in America to concentration camps, and were treated unfairly for a long time.

With two waves of over 353 planes from 2 aircraft carriers, The Japanese were able to destroy two U.S. battleships, a minelayer, and two destroyers, and killed 2388 men and injure 1178, making the casualty count much higher than the number of injuries.


The Holocaust – Feb. 11th

Adolph Hitler was not evil. He was doing what he believed was needed to be done to make the world a better place. And so did the people who followed him. They believed him because he convinced them that he was was their savior from the Jewish people, their savior from the rest of the world, and they eventually believed that all the other countries were looking down on Germany, which, really, they were. That was how he was able to rally support for the second world war, also the second world war mostly initiated by Germany. The people of Germany felt that they were getting unfair sanctions, and they were being oppressed by the winners of the first world war.  Feeling like this, they decided the only way to make Germany a superpower again was to start another war, and do their best to win.

Adolf Hitler also persecuted other groups, but they are not as well known as his persecution of the Jews. Those other groups are the gays, ethnic Poles, Soviets (particularily POW), the Roma, the disabled and other various groups such as Jehova’s Witnesses. These groups were not focused on as much, because they were only minor problems compared to the Jews, as the Nazis believed.Conlan Kirk


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March 3rd – Judging and Misjudging Others

We are all guilty of it. I doubt any one of us, besides a child who can barely talk yet, could honestly say we have never judged someone, and I’m pretty damn sure that only someone who’s about five or younger would do it and not understand that they are judging someone. It could be about the way they dress, the way they act, their religion, their race, etc. Everyone has, does or will do it. Not a single person old enough to speak and understand what judging is isn’t guilty of it. It’s just the way the world works.


Racial Tensions – Jan 28th, 2008

I beleive that there are only racial tensions because it gives people an excuse for violence, money, and because we all feel we are perfect. Humans created race, we are responsible for the abuse put on any race, because there is no race, only the idea of race. We created race so there is a way of labeling people, not based on who they or what they are, but because of their skin color, or the way they talk. Racial tensions are nonsense. Everyone is living in the past, about how we treated black people, and Aboriginals. What we need to do is realize we made a mistake, and not attempt to correct it, for it is impossible to make up for centuries of mistreatment and slavery, but to accept now as members of society. We have done that, but we try to do both, which is just stupid… because they accept it even though they know that being exempt from certain taxes, and spots reserved for them in school, or jobs, won’t ever make up for what our ancestors have done in the past. In my opinion, we are not our ancestors, and so why should we pay for what they have done? The sins of the father passed on to the son…